Create a Unique Serving Tray from Leftover Tile

Create a Unique Serving Tray from Leftover Tile

This cute serving tray is one I created from leftover tile and wood pieces. It turned out really cute I think.

This is made from two leftover pieces of 8" x 8" ceramic tile and some 1" x 2" scrap lumber. (We jokingly call my craft space "Karen's Lumberyard" with all the wood I have accumulated - but it's very economical when I can create from scrap lumber I already have with the sky-high prices of lumber these days!!!!) I purchased the brushed nickel pulls to add to the tray.

I started by using the measurements of the two tile together (16") and tile width (8") to cut a piece of plywood the tile would be adhered to. Then the side and end pieces of the tray were cut from the 1" x 2" lumber to the appropriate lengths.

I nailed the side and end pieces to the plywood base and painted all the surfaces with an acrylic gray paint. Once dry, I measured and drilled holes for the handles, but waited to attach them until the tiles were adhered to the inside of the tray.

Using construction adhesive, I attached the tiles to the inside of the tray and then attached the pull handles. And that's it! Now you have a handy tray to use in any room in your home.

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