Create a Unique Picture Frame from Leftover Tile

Create a Unique Picture Frame from Leftover Tile

These picture frames are so simple to make and can coordinate with any décor just by the tile you select! These picture frames are 12” x 12” tile ‘sheets’ that you can buy at any home improvement store (you can buy single sheets; you don’t have to buy a whole box!). I like the tile sheets with the small tile squares because of how easy it is to cut out a space to fit a 4” x 6” photo…or any size photo you want!

First, decide what size and orientation you would like to have and determine the placement of your photo on the tile sheet. You may decide you want more than one photo, just determine where placement will be. Use a utility knife to cut the mesh on the back of the tile to remove the area of tile for the photo. (Keep these sections of tile, they work well as coasters.

Next we cut a 12" x 12" piece of 3/8" plywood as the backing for the tile. Once cut, paint or stain both sides of the plywood (and edges).  Remember the color will show through/between the tiles once mounted on the plywood.

We then used construction adhesive to adhere the tile to the plywood. NOTE: Just use a dab of glue on each tile so there won't be any glue 'ooze' between the tile.

Now you're ready to insert your photo. I adhered the photo with double stick tape. You could also have glass or plexi glass cut to the size of the opening, but you would have to determine the best way to attached it. Attach a hanger to the back and it's ready to hang!

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