Create a Horseshoe Towel Holder for your Bathroom

Create a Horseshoe Towel Holder for your Bathroom

This towel holder is in our guest bathroom that went through a remodel a while back (see post from 5/16/2021). I made this from 1" x 4" (used for the long back board) and 2” x 4” (used for the "cross" pieces) lumber and horseshoes and I think it turned out so cute!

This type of towel holder could be made as large or small as you want. For hand towels, smaller lumber could be used as well as smaller horseshoes (yes, they make different 'sizes' of horseshoes - I grew up in the country, but not around horses!).

I just determined the size I wanted by how many towels I wanted to hold and cut the long board in back that would be the support the length needed. I kept some board length visible above the first towel holder and below the last towel holder to mount the holder on the wall. The 'cross' lumber pieces were measured and cut to the length needed to hold the towels I would be using.

Once all lumber pieces were cut, I did some light sanding to remove any splintery ends from the cuts and stained each piece with an espresso colored stain and then applied two coats of satin polyurethane to the wood, allowing each coat to dry. At this time I also spray painted the horseshoes an oil rubbed bronze color.

After everything was dry, I used regular horseshoe nails to attach each horseshoe to the 'cross' 2" x 4" lumber boards. I then used 4" screws to attach the towel holder to the wall. I was lucky and was attaching to a stud in the wall. If not, wall anchors should be used to attach it properly to the wall.

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