Create a Beautiful Farmhouse Floral Display

Create a Beautiful Farmhouse Floral Display

This beautiful farmhouse floral display is one I made quite a while ago. I love using the cotton stems in things and lamb’s ear is also one of my favorite faux flowers to use in my floral arrangements.

This display was made from (once again) lumber pieces from my scrap pile. This can really be whatever size you want the finished arrangement to be (both width and height).

Once you've determined the finished size you want, cut the wood pieces to the proper length. I chose to use varying width wood pieces as that's what I had available. Also, I wanted a sort of 'shiplap' look, so I kept a small gap between each of the boards.

Do whatever paint or stain you wish to the board pieces before putting this together - much easier that way! I chose various shades of gray and brown and then did a white wash lightly over some of the stained/painted boards. I then did some sanding on the corners and edges to create a distressed look. Once the boards were all dry, I used two scrap pieces of wood on the back as support to attach each of the newly stained/painted wood pieces to.

Figuring out how to best attach the flower stems to the boards was a bit of a trick. I ended up finding what would be the center of my arrangement and drilling two small holes through one of the boards, about 1/2" to 1" apart. I used these holes to thread some twine through that went around all the floral stems and I tied the twine in back to secure the arrangement to the boards.

I then used some burlap ribbon to make a bow and attached it to the ends of the floral stems with floral wire. Now it's ready to hang on the wall or it can also sit on a table against the wall for display.

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